Custom Charters with Arcturus


Design your own extended sailing yacht holiday!

Dream, imagine and sail away on your unique holiday or adventure aboard magnificsent Arcturus. Picture your ideal vacation and we’ll help you design and customise a charter that’s just right for your family, schedule and budget.

Please note that for your comfort and enjoyment all cruises are subject to cancelation or rescheduling in the event of unsuitable weather conditions.

Duration: 1 1/2 hrs
Price: $1,000
Capacity: Max 15 people
Departure: Viaduct Harbour
1) Warm clothing for protection against the cooling evening breeze.
2) Sunscreen, hat, or other protection against the sun.
3) Do not bring or wear precious items.
4) You’re welcome to bring a snack.
5) Non marking soft soled shoes.
For booking or questions contact Bruce Dunlop C.L.M. Skipper on 0274 779 023 or email Bruce:

Custom charter on Arcturus Classic Yacht


Custom charter on Arcturus Classic Yacht